There are many interpretations of what the Mad Dogs are, and are not. This is why people always have mixed answers to the question 'What is a Mad Dog?'. Depending on how you met us, it may range from Bandit to Good Samaritan. From lawless to law enforcers. It may be none of these, but yet it may be all. Tom Leber, our Founder and International President reminds us of the simple reason why the Mad Dog Spirit exists and will keep on existing. This website is dedicated to all Mad Dogs that wear the colours with pride and with a true sense of Brotherhood. 

Mad Dog Motorcycle Club was a product of evolution rather than planning. Living outside the United States for over 10 years, I figured I'd better buy a Harley in the Philippines or risk "missing the boat." So I did... that was early 1994. From initial visions of riding with Harleys only, I soon realized there just weren't enough Hogs actually on the road in the P.I., and they were so expensive (about US$ 45,000 for a nearly stock Fat Boy), few could afford to buy one. Soon the Harley-only idea became "anything except Japanese bikes." That worked a bit better, and we ended up with a few more guys for our weekly informal Saturday rides. But eventually, logic hit me. It's not the bike, it's the biker. With that, any "easy rider" - style bike was welcome to join our informal rides. 

The Saturday rides always ended up in my garage area in Makati for a few beers and the usual winding-down road war B.S. sessions. It was during one of these sessions Mad Dog MC was born. Encouraging Harleys but accepting all cruisers, we agreed MDMC would be about brotherhood and riding, not politics and meetings. To affirm our commitment, we agreed to design and get a club tattoo, (none of us had tats at the time). And so it was...the beginning of MDMC, October 1994.