Membership is strictly by invitation only.

A member in good standing must sponsor a prospective candidate. Prospect status may be given to an individual, after a period of time being an "official" hang around to the Club.

To join, a Member must have a 400cc bike or larger -- In keeping with the hardware necessary to enjoy riding with the Club, the minimum engine displacement standard must be met before being considered as prospect.

Prospects must serve a prospect period (six months to never) in which certain membership duties are fulfilled - The intent is to get to know the Club members and have a good time while doing it. This gives both the prospect and the Club a chance to get a feel of each other’s skills and habits. Remember that in riding, trust is of utmost importance, this is what we will be establishing at this stage.

Take note that not all prospects pass their prospect status. Full members are obligated to get the Club tattoo as a sign of dedication to the Club and Brotherhood of MDMC, each tattoo is numbered and is strictly FOR MEMBERS ONLY.